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    AP177 Stone Sealer Gold


    • Precise Chemistry – Stone Sealer Gold is formulated using a precise blend of “nano – small particle” fluorochemical technology with specialist penetrating solvents to achieve a high level of penetration into small-pore, dense substrates.
    • Premium Protection – provides premium protection against water and oil borne contaminants including;
      • food and beverage stains,
      • oil & greasy spills,
      • biological growth such as mould & mildew,
      • spalling,
      • efflorescence,
      • pollution and weathering
    • Versatile Application – Stone Sealer Gold’s water base chemistry allows almost fool proof application, providing premium protection to a wide range of substrates but with special distinction on natural stone surfaces, porous engineered stone and clay products.
    • Natural Look – does not alter the natural look of fine stone nor change its surface texture, slip characteristics or colouring.
    • Surface Safe – will not etch or cause discolouration of marble or fine stone.
    • Vapour Permeable – won’t trap moisture. Allows natural stone to “breathe”.
    • Safe to Use – Stone Sealer Gold does not contain chlorinated hydrocarbons and is not a suspected carcinogen.