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    Tile & Grout Cleaner Pro AP164


    • Professional Choice – Tile & Grout Cleaner Pro will remove grime with ease. It is safe to use on all tile, stone, concrete and grout surfaces.
    • Smart Cleaning Power – Tile & Grout Cleaner Pro employs smart cleaning technology (not brute force) to achieve its outstanding cleaning performance on a wide range of oily soils, grease, fats and general grime build ups.
    • Versatile – Tile & Grout Cleaner Pro will penetrate even the toughest of grime build ups. Outstanding free-rinsing features and ability to tackle a wide range of different soil types on a variety of substrates, makes it the product of choice for professional cleaners who need to simplify their inventory and increase productivity.
    • Safety First – Tile & Grout Cleaner Pro is an alkaline detergent but is not classified as dangerous goods. This makes it substantially safer in use and in transport.