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    Intense Pro AP907


    • Advanced Chemistry – Intense Pro is formulated using a precise blend of “nano – small particle” silicone technology which chemically reacts and bonds to the stone structure forming a long lasting, sub-surface repellent shield.
    • Enriching Sealer – Intense Pro enhances the natural beauty of the fine stone by altering the reflection of the light off the substrate surface which creates a darkening and enriching effect drawing attention to the stone’s inherent beauty.
    • Conceals – Intense Pro helps conceal scratches and imperfections.
    • Premium Protection – Intense Pro provides premium protection against water and oil borne contaminants including; food and beverage stains, oil & greasy spills, biological growth such as mould & mildew, efflorescence, pollution and weathering.
    • Natural Look – Intense Pro enhances the natural appearance of the fine stone but does not change its surface texture.
    • Vapour Permeable – won’t trap moisture. Allows natural stone to “breathe”.
    • Safe to Use – Intense Pro does not contain chlorinated hydrocarbons and is not a suspected carcinogen.