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    Defender Gold WB AP670



    Defender Gold WB is a unique blend of 50% active high purity silane and flouropolymers. This high purity silane penetrates deeper than traditional silanes due to its unique chemistry. This deeper penetration gives a long lasting, high performance water and chloride barrier. By reducing the quantity of water entering the concrete and being a completely “breathable” system, the concrete retains its integrity which causes it to retain its strength and newness.

    The primary function of Defender Gold WB is to prevent substrate degeneration and allow easier clean-up and reduce staining of the substrate due to the absorption of various contaminants coming into contact with it.

    Important Benefits

    Defender Gold WB is exceptionally effective in the treatment of Limestone. Limestone is a peculiarly difficult stone to protect due to its mineral structure and Defender Gold WB is one of the only high performance, penetrating sealers that is effective in providing durable protection.