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    Graffiti-Seal AP173

    Important Application Information


    In the case that a water repellent such as Conseal 50/Conseal 100, or a corrosion inhibitor such as Reoseal have been applied to the substrate, it is recommended to wait at least 5 days before applying Graffiti-Seal to the surface. This time is necessary for these products to fully crosslink and thereby develop their long term protection.

    Some dense concrete and sandstones are sensitive to darkening. For these substrates it is recommended to apply a base coat such as Graffiti-Prime prior to applying Graffiti-Seal.

    Expected Wear

    Graffiti-Seal will provide premium protection for up to 10 years and in many applications, several years longer. However application methods, weather conditions, traffic, harsh cleaning methods and substrate type will affect wear. Avoid use of solvents, strong acids and strong alkalis for extended sealer life.

    It is recommended that the sealer be re-applied every 7 – 8 years where harsh conditions exist.

    Product consumption and application notes

    The number of applications and the amount of Graffiti-Seal required depends on the substrate and the desired effect. In general, porous materials require more coats than smooth, dense, microporous materials. The table below provides examples of required quantities.

    SurfacesExamplesApproximate consumption in ml/m2Comments
    Polished or honed mineral substratePolished/honed marble or granite20 – 50Polish product in with cloth or microfiber
    Coarse, very low porosityGranite60 – 100Most cases require primer. 2-3 step application
    Coarse, very low porosityFacade brick80 – 120
    Smooth, porousConcrete (dense)100 – 150
    Coarse, porousSandstone, open-cell concrete, limestone120 – 160
    Very coarse, porous to very porousSandstone120 – 200

    The consumption rate should be neither too high nor too low. The ethanol test can be used as measure of sufficient consumption. Conduct test by spraying a small amount of ethanol onto the treated, dried surface. If the ethanol is taken up by the substrate, the consumption was too low and another coat is required. A sufficient protection is achieved if the ethanol is repelled.

    It is recommended that, surfaces that have been treated with Graffiti-Seal should only be cleaned with approved products. The Actichem Graffiti-Gone is the ideal product for graffiti removal in most cases.