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    Crete Clean AP139

    Important Application Information

    Crete Clean can be used on all concrete mixing and transportation equipment.

    Safe for use on all man-made tiles, use with care on sandstone, quarry tiles, terracotta, grout and slate.

    Not recommended for use on acid sensitive surfaces including engineered stone, terrazzo, marble, limestone, granite and other natural stone.

    Especially good for builders clean-ups, restoration, washrooms and pool surrounds.

    Crete Clean displays a dramatically improved corrosive profile to traditional acid cleaners in respect of both ferrous and non-ferrous metals. When used as directed, negligible corrosion occurs and even when used undiluted the level of corrosion to ferrous metals is almost undetectable. However, it should be remembered that Crete Clean is a low pH and corrosion will occur on metals submerged in Crete Clean for extended periods, and polished metals may show marking. Always pre-test the surface before use.