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    Pet & Flood AP491

    How to Use


    Always pretest in an inconspicuous location for substrate sensitivity to chemicals.

    1. Remove by steam extraction as much of the flood water or urine spill as possible, doing extra dry vacuum strokes.
    2. Apply Pet & Flood undiluted for severe contamination or dilute up to 1:4 for lesser effected areas.
    3. Spray apply this solution onto the fibre or fabric until it is wetted out.
    4. Agitate solution using a carpet rake or upholstery cleaning brush.
    5. Allow 10 – 20 minutes reaction time.
    6. Rinse extract using Actichem Rinse Pro.
    7. Allow to dry. Assist drying by increasing ventilation.

    Note: Some stubborn urine stains may require treatment using Hydrogen Peroxide (Spotaway U)