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    Aquaboost Conc AP852

    How to Use

    Read and understand the Material Safely Data Sheet (MSDS) before use

    Always separate colours from whites before laundering.

    Do not use Aquaboost Conc when laundering woollens or delicate fabrics.


    • Follow the laundry equipment manufacturer’s guidelines for laundering procedures.
    • Laundry dispenser set-ups and adjustments to be performed by a qualified Actichem technician.
    • Light Cleaning: (Blankets, personal items and light soiling).  Set dosage rates at 1.5ml per kg of linen. Dose into the main wash cycle together with the Aquaterg.
    • Heavy Cleaning: (Sheets, pillow slips, towels, work clothes, heavy soiling).  Set dosage rates at 2.6ml per kg of linen. Can be dosed as a breakwash ahead of the main wash and/or dosed into the main wash.


    Set dosage rates so that the resulting pH of the final rinse is between 5.5 and 6.0. Normally the required dosage is approximately 12ml per 5kg of laundry. This dosage rate is dependent on the dosage rates of the breakwash, detergent, bleach and the degree of soiling.