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    Conquer O2 AP478

    Conquer O2 AP478

    Conquer O2 has been designed to build on the outstanding ability of free oxygen to remove the toughest of stains from fibres & fabrics, provide powerful sanitisation and eliminate mal-odours. Conquer O2 has teamed up the awesome oxidising power of oxygen with wetting agents and encapsulating polymers to deliver a carpet and fabric stain remover which will remove those impossible stains which other spotters leave behind.
    Thanks to the latest in polymer and surfactant technology, Conquer O2 delivers reliable, dependable results every time.

    Thanks to the latest in polymer and surfactant technology, Conquer O2 lives up to its name every time. Conquer O2 is an ideal on-sell item, available in an attractive 500ml consumer pack. The homeowner will love it and both you and him have the peace-of-mind using a spot remover which has all the boxes ticked.

    • Stain Removal – Lifts stubborn stains caused by foods, drinks, cosmetics, oils, organics, beverages, pets and some inks.
    • Blood, Urine & Body fluids – Conquer O2 provides powerful stain removal, sanitizing and deodorising action on blood, urine, body fluids and other organics.
    • Versatile – Because Conquer is so fibre friendly and dries to a brittle residue, it makes an ideal product to clean soil from garments, drapes and soft furnishings or partitions.
    • Wool Friendly – Exceeds the specification for the safe cleaning of wool carpets.
    • Slows resoiling – Advanced polymer prevents rapid resoiling.
    • Non-rinsing – Soil residues dry to a brittle residue for vacuuming away.