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    Actichem’s unique range of spotting products, has been developed over an extensive period of time using the most advanced, up-to-date chemical technology available. The Actichem range of spotters includes on-sell products that will leave your clients with a lasting memory, as well as a solution to keep their carpet looking great.

    In this range:

    • Orange Solvent – D limonene based solvent spotter.
    • Conquer – Encapsulating, multi-task spotter.
    • Actichem VDS – Volatile dry solvent spotter.
    • Actichem POG – Paint, oil and grease spotter.
    • Gum Gone – Aromatic solvent spotter.
    • Actichem PIG – Paint, ink and grease spotter.
    • Citrus Gel – Thickened citrus solvent spotter.
    • Actichem CTR – Coffee and tannin remover.
    • Pet n’ Flood – Urine odour neutraliser, anti-microbial and stain remover.
    • Rust Remover – Rust remover.
    • Spotaway U – Hydrogen peroxide based urine spotter.
    • Brownaway – Professional spotter for removal of cellulosic browning.
    • Protein Spotter – Blood and protein remover.
    • Actichem Bust – Heavy duty protein spot remover.
    • Stain fix – 2 part oxidising agent kit.
    • Red Fix – 2 part reducing agent kit.