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    AP985 Fire Fix

    AP985 Fire Fix

    985-fire-fix-5AP985 Fire Fix is a new technology, solvent free restoration cleaner for the removal of ingrained soils, carbon, soot, fire residues and rubber on hard and semi-porous surfaces. Excellent cleaner for fire restoration and safety flooring. A highly concentrated multi-surface, heavy duty industrial cleaner for use on floors, walls, carpets, hard surfaces, porous surfaces and many other professional and disaster restoration applications. Fire fix contains a unique non-caustic, solvent-free formula designed to penetrate and lift carbon, soot, smoke, grease, rubber and deeply ingrained soils.

    • Fire and Smoke Restoration – Highly concentrated, powerful cleaner for fire and smoke damage restoration.
    • Heavy Soiling – removes heavy soils (Oil, soot, smoke deposits, particulate and carbon soiling).
    • Penetrating Action – Penetrating action lifts and suspends soils from smooth and porous surfaces.
    • Charged Soils – Very effective on charged soils (Filtration soiling, ventilation dust and the cleaning of olefin carpets).
    • Low VOC – Water based low VOC formula, no solvents, no caustics.
    • Free Rinsing – Specially designed to rinse freely with clear water.
    pH9.9 – 10.4
    Dilution1:20 – 1:100
    Pack Size:5L