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    Deozyme AP438

    Deozyme AP438

    Deozyme is formulated with four active enzymes to treat odours in hard-to-reach places. Deozyme blends Bacillus organisms with a patented odour neutraliser to treat odours at the source. Highly effective in eliminating the stench from human wastes, spoiled foods, and decaying matter. Deozyme leaves a clean, sanitary scent wherever it is used.

    Simply cleaning an area will not remove odour molecules?
    Bad odours exist in the air, are trapped in fabrics, carpets and porous materials
    In addition to a cleaning routine, you need an Odour Control Strategy!

    Recommended applications
    Deozyme is highly effective on most water cleanable surfaces including synthetic materials, wood, concrete, stone, tiles and grout.
    Deozyme is also ideal for use on all wool and synthetic fibres. However, pretesting is recommended especially on delicate fibres to ensure dye and fibre stability and possible sensitivity to chemicals.