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    Restoration Solutions

    Restoration Solutions

    The Actichem team has invested in extensive research and development work and combined our formulary expertise in performance chemical solutions, to bring effective, innovative solutions to Australasian remediation experts. Until now, restoration specialists in the Australasia region, have had to depend on chemical solutions from the USA and Europe. The Actichem range has given the Australian market products that are readily accessible, reasonably priced, and most cases, superior in quality. Some of the solutions developed by the Actichem laboratory team will soon be available to the global market. The Actichem Restoration range is a high-priority development, so watch this space.

    We appreciate the value of achieving a perfect result the first time around. For dependable results it’s crucial that the chemistry of the cleaning product is correct for the soil type, the surface being cleaned and equipment being used. The Actichem system makes this matching, easy and effective.

    NEW! – Compliance Pack. Read about here.

    In this range: