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    Conquer AP462

    Conquer AP462

    Actichem’s Conquer (AP462) is an unbeatable multi-task spotting solution effective on a wide range of water based and oily stains, with the added benefit of anti-resoiling encapsulation technology. The Conquer formulation provides serious stain removal properties for a wide scope of stain types but has a unique focus on fibre care and anti-resoiling functionality.

    ColourLight gold
    pH7.5 RTU
    Pack Size5Lt, 20Lt & 500ml Consumer Pack

    Thanks to the latest in polymer and surfactant technology, Conquer lives up to its name every time. Conquer is an ideal on-sell item, available in an attractive 500ml consumer pack. The homeowner will love it and both you and him have the peace-of-mind using a spot remover which has all the boxes ticked.

    • Wool and 5th Generation Nylon Friendly
    • Safe for use on upholstery & carpets.
    • Anti-Resoiling chemistry
    • No rinse required
    • Non-hazardous & non-toxic
    • Exceptional stain removal properties