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    About Us

    About Us

    Who we are

    Applied Products is a leading manufacturer of cleaning and protection products. We are a family owned company established in 1999. We set out to offer you exemplary customer service. Fast delivery, flexibility, and product availability are hallmarks of our customer service. We back this up with knowledgeable advice and proactive support.

    Internally, our systems are geared towards continuous improvement and the quest for excellence. We want to make our systems so smooth that you won’t even notice them. Every member of our team is highly trained to bring you top flight service.

    We will do our best to ensure that you enjoy dealing with us.

    What we do

    Applied Products specializes in the manufacture of high quality chemicals for cleaning and protecting almost every hard or soft surface. Our products are carefully formulated in our laboratory and packaged under either our own “Actichem” brand, or under your own private label reflecting your company’s identity.

    High quality products at an excellent price, delivered quickly and accurately for your peace of mind.

    Our story

    South Africa

    Applied Products was founded in 1978 in Krugersdorp, South Africa, as a small family owned business, recycling and blending brake fluid for the automotive market. After about 3 years it was decided to branch out into cleaning chemical manufacture. Following extensive research and development, a wide range of hugely successful products were marketed to the institutional and industrial cleaning market. The business prospered and distributors were established in nearly all major South African Cities. In the early 1980’s, Applied Products was granted the license to manufacture the Prochem range of carpet and upholstery cleaning chemicals.

    High crime levels in South Africa helped us make the decision to move to Australia in 1999.


    In November 1999, Applied Products – Australia was founded in the back of a friend’s warehouse in Newcastle, NSW. Huge amounts of time, money and effort were spent on research and development to modify and create new products suited to the Australian market. By 2003 the business was bursting at the seams and a new purpose built, fully licensed factory was built in Holmewood Business Park, Beresfield NSW to house the growing business.

    About the same time the product line was divided into two main segments, namely the janitorial, kitchen, laundry chemicals products and the specialized carpet, fabric, stone and tile care products. These were all branded with the newly registered Actichem trademark. Recent years has seen the focused development of the specialized stone, tile and grout care system and the carpet and upholstery care system, both now marketed and sold under the Actichem trademark.

    Our Commitment to the Industry

    • To genuinely improve the effectiveness of cleaning, restoration and sealant products for the carpet & upholstery and stone & tile industries.
    • To provide quality in customer service which exceeds the expectations of our clients.
    • To provide training, education and technical assistance to the related industries.
    • To provide high performance cleaning, restoration and sealant products at an affordable price.
    • To pursue our commitment to our sustainability policy with all resources at our disposal.